Personal Project: It's not just BLACK + WHITE

I have been in serious choirs since I was in elementary school, with years of private vocal lessons and attention to musical technique. With this background in classical music, I can geek-out hard on musical history, technique and theory. I love thinking back to the time when Renaissance composers broke away from the norms of chords, melodic structures and chord progressions. They created new ways of composing that weren't considered correct.

Recently, I've felt restraint in the technical rules of photography. While in photography school, I remember being told that one of my photographs wasn't successful because there wasn't a clear separation of the subject from the background. Years later, I've felt a rebuttal. This project is in response to the hard rules of focus, clarity and retouching. This is an embrace and celebration of imperfection, motion blur, grain, and uncommon compositions.

After all, like the Renaissance composers proved, what is correct, perfect or imperfect, is not just black and white.

Model: Madeleine Heppermann/ Hair&Makeup: None / Wardrobe Stylist: The dirty hamper