High-key + Flares

Photos from a shoot with the beautiful Sarah from the end of January.

I love white. I love cream. I'm addicted to anything light. It's obviously coming through in my work. I wanted to accentuate this by creating light flares in high-key lighting.

This is a two light set-up. The key light is modified by a beauty dish, the back light is pointed at the background and is placed behind a v-flat, to guard the light from hitting the model. The back light is used as two lights -- it shoots into the background and also the v-flat is moved just so the light can flare into the camera to create a glow.


My dear friend Constantine told me recently that it is obvious in this set of images how I'm able to make models comfortable, and can bring out  something more in them that many photographers cannot. The best compliment. :) I'll take it.